Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Made an @ss out of myself yesterday....

Ever get so angry, so upset that you actually picture yourself slapping or just kicking someone's @ss? WELL.....Yesterday I did just that! I was so angry and so pissed that i was ready to fight or cry :( It all started when i called to get some info on a new tag for our car. The lady stated how much it would cost and what we needed to bring with us. So we left,went by the bank to get out the $ and brought what we needed. After waiting in line for about 15 minutes, it was my turn. Everything was fine until she told me how much it was...10$ more than the lady on the phone said. I asked why, she said it was a late penalty. I raised an eyebrow and said "huh, The dealers tag on the back of the car has June 21st as the date and that's today's date?" She sighs then says "Yes,but there was 31 days in May and that puts you one day late" (I could of jumped over the counter and kicked her ass right there) So anyways after a few more words to her ("that's not what the lady on the phone said"...and then discovering that they didn't take visa) i stormed out to go get more $ out of the bank. I was furious!!! After retrieving the money then having to face her again she apologized and since i was raised well i told her it wasn't her fault, she was just doing her job and left with my new tag. I just couldn't believe how mad i got over something so simple? I mean So what, I had to pay a late charge, why did it get me so upset ????? In the end i think it was the dieting that makes me so short tempered. I do get awful Bitchy when i diet...DOH! Anyways, i ended the day at 1310 so i was proud of that. I REALLY wanted to eat something greasy after that little ordeal....

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Dieting makes me cranky too.
    But it's fine, everyone has their days where things just aren't in their favor.
    There's always another day, though. And it's good that you got through that one stressful day. :)


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