Monday, June 28, 2010

Found some new goodies :)

So this is the fourth week back on track with my calorie counting. I haven't had too many slips and i've lost about 5lbs (lost 7lb of water weight in the first week that im not counting) Im happy with my results so far. It seems the closer i get to goal weight the harder it becomes. Anyway...i took some pics of a few things that i found that i like to eat. Some different things since i was getting sick of eating turkey sandwiches for lunch. I found these great Wraps by Flat Out to make pizza one. There only 90 cals with 9g of dietary fiber + 9g of protein, FABULOUS! They make tasty pizza. In the picture too is some thin bagels i found that are 110 calories, i spread fat free strawberry cream cheese on them and there great for a snack and the carbs are lower (24). This is my lastest creation. It was only 290 calories for the whole thing. Had pizza sauce, pizza blend cheese, 5pc pepperoni, bell peppers, red onion and spinach. I was out of mushrooms or i would have thrown them on too. I don't usually put pepperoni on there (and won't any more because i didn't really taste it) I always weigh all my ingredients except the spinach...i figure i can't get enough of the leafy greens. The Kahki frozen Chinese meal was on sale today so i picked up a few packs. I love there egg rolls(80 calories) and the General Tyso chicken, (370 calories) They really satisfy that Chinese food craving. There normally about 4 dollars a pack and i got them 2 for 5$. I plan on grabbing some more of these babies when i go back at the end of the week. They have a new one that i haven't seen before but have ate in restaurants...sweet and sour chicken, think i will try that one! Anyways, just wanted to share some of my newest discovers! :)

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