Monday, June 14, 2010

First Goal Reached...

...its time for a new one! Got on the scale today and i was pleasantly surprised to see 178.0! yay! Its nice to be back in the 170' Now I've got to work on getting rid of some weight for June. My plan is to try to get rid of 3-4lbs by the end of June, a reasonable goal I think. Its kinda tricky because I lift weight about three times a week and the scale is always up after those days. So im going to make sure that i do a cardio before my official weigh in day on Sunday, maybe it will help with the water weight ;-) Tomorrow will be another challenge because were going to a Baseball game with all that yummy food there. ARG. I plan on bringing my food while my kids and DH eat there...I think thats the hardest part of my journey, watching my family eat all the yummy stuff that i want! I keep reminding myself that those yummy foods will be there when i want to eat them @ my goal size, HA. ok, have a good day :)

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