Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Enough Already!!

So, this morning i got on the scale... AGAIN! It was up another lb...AGAIN! i really need to stop weighing everyday, i think thats my problem. The past few days the scale has been creeping up. Now its up almost 3lbs :(. It makes me sad because yesterday I had extremely bad cravings during the night, fought them off and the reward i get in the morning is another lb. Its just not fair? Makes me frustrated :( I've been perfect the past 6 days... I've already ate some cookies this morning and two small donuts...all my calories for breakfast are gone...sigh. I know these feelings can't be hormonal..i still have eleven days before that starts. I just keep thinking that one day i won't have to count calories, weigh/measure and obsess over everything that i put in my mouth. One day i will be at my goal weight and can proudly say that i contoured this weight loss journey. One day i can eat a cheeseburger and not poke out my lip all day because of it. It just seems like that day is taking its sweet time to get here. Its been six days of counting and i usually wait until the seventh day to indulge a bit..i think i need a break today.


  1. Don't stress out so much Amelia! The scale is evil. I am honestly contemplating throwing mine out...I first have to train myself not to weigh myself 5 times a day though. :(

    You are capable of conquering your weight loss goals. How do I know this? Because you have lost so much weight already! Don't let those donuts get in the way of your goals. I should talk - I have been eating some brownies every night...my favorite....grrr. We are stronger than that junk food. Next time you (or I, or anyone else reading this) has some junk food in your hand you need to stop and tell yourself "I know this is going to be good - but only for a short time. If I don't eat this I will be that much closer to my weight loss goal - not further away. Now, what do I want more? This donut or a new me?"

  2. Your so right Karen! I ended up taking a free day (no counting) but i think i did pretty good as far as calories go. Now its time to buckle down and get this weight off.

    I got my DH to hide the scale from me and im going to weigh only once a week(sunday). lets see if it works...


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