Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a Weekend

SO WE ALL went out to eat friday evening, kinda celebrating DH's bonus and came home to a nightmare. A bad lightening storm came through and took out about 1400 dollars worth of our electronics. :( . Im talking Computer + modem, big screen + dvr, nintendo wii and our phone. I was in SHOCK all night, so frustrated and just couldn't except it. Everything was on a surge protector too? WTH? Isn't that what there for? 'protecting surges'...*rolls eyes* Tomorrow i plan on calling home owners insurance and seeing if they will cover the damages. What a crappy weekend. ARG! Just wanted to lay in bed all day yesterday...i didn't want to go out and replace our stuff but is boring without all our 'toys'. ~~~~~~Edit to add~~~~~ May 25th So far we have managed to get our phone,satellite back on and running. We have the insurance people coming out towards the end of the week to look at the damages.

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  1. Oh, no! That is horrible. Unexpected problems like that are a true pain in the butt. Sorry you're dealing with that. :(

    I love the quotes over on the side of your page!


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