Saturday, May 08, 2010


So here i sit, bloated from the crap ive been eating for the past 3 days. I fell off the wagon wednesday night and it hasn't been pretty ever since. Man, I swear i will make any excuse to eat lately. My DH told me that i needed to find a hobby...maybe he's right. Ive thought about taking up knitting or something? Hopefully i will get that job offer and not have time to sit and think so much... Anyways, Im not sure what happend to me today but i have been a total WITCH all day long. I didn't want to do ANYTHING but read. But of course that wasn't happening. My period isn't for another week but i will blame it on that. I didn't even workout today...planned too but decided to host my own pity party instead. After DH left for work the kids and I decided to dance some in the living helped a litte bit.


  1. Amelia - try not to beat yourself up. I find sometimes when I eat really good for a while I have a week of "pig out" eating. I don't know if its a way for your body to tell you it needs more calories? You will get back on the wagon - I know you will! Hang in there :)

  2. Thank you, i will try not to beat myself up so much. I just expect so much from myself and when i don't deliver its a real downer.

    thanks again.


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