Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why A Priss?

I forgot to mention why my blog is called The Adventures of MissPriss! 

My parents gave me this nickname when i was a kid because i would priss around and tell my 2 older brothers and my younger sister what to do. Were about 2yrs apart and out of the four, i kinda took the leadership role. I guess they found it funny because i was so petite, shorter than the youngest.  I think that would qualify me as a missbossy instead of a misspriss, but whatever...
So, i viewed a very short home video that my DH secretly video taped of me while I was working out. And i can honestly still a priss!!! At least what i think a priss is (girly) Yep, i had my fingers and hands sticking out just so and the way i stepped on the step platform(doing a step aerobics workout at the time) and kinda of 'shuffled' was HILARIOUS...i had tears in my eyes because i had NO IDEA i came across that way. HA. Learn something new everyday ;-) 

But seriously, i've always viewed myself as a tomboy? I don't wear makeup. I don't particularly like dresses (own one).  I love the outdoors. I prefer boots over heels and I don't mind getting dirty. I use to fish all the time with my brothers. Oddly back then i never had any trouble putting a wiggly worm on a hook, but NOW its just, ewww ;-)

Oh and my DH said that was one of the first things he noticed about prissiness...*eyeroll*

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