Saturday, May 01, 2010

No More Excuses

I can't believe that i blew it AGAIN last night. Calorie counting isn't easy, you have to measure, calculate, keep track and plan ahead for your entire day. So WHY in the hell do i blow it every single night? Im mad at myself right now, but i also KNOW not to beat myself up too much because that leads to a disaster! SO, what im going to do today is pick myself up, dust myself off...and keep going. Like i always do. Its May 1st, 2010. I could lose 10lbs by the end of the month...i can't even begin to explain how happy that would make me! This morning i weighed 181.0, my lowest weight was 174 a few months ago...a few DAYS ago i weighed 178 so i KNOW im holding onto alot of water and I haven't really been consistent on my eating to get rid of the water weight. So, im hoping that im holding onto A LOT of water. Will see. Todays workout will be 4ds legs, then some The Biggest Loser yoga. And if im feeling spunky i will hop on the treadmill this evening for a power walk before bed. I need to get rid of some water. My workouts last month were good, could of been better...i lost motivation during the month and took a lot of rest days. I will post a May's workout post and add to it as i go... ~~~~~Edited to add~~~~ 4ds legs + the biggest loser wieight loss level 2 DONE~! My legs were shaking...


  1. Amy, maybe if you get a new outfit or shorts or something, it can help motivate you to get into it? You've come such a long way and I know it's got to get old, but you can do it!

    SusieYarb from 3fc CC

  2. You know its funny but i was thinking the same thing, i went out and got some size 12 jeans and i was so excited to fit nicely into them. It sure is a motivator..thanks for the comment :)


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