Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Night Nibbling has got to STOP!

Today's weight is 180.8...ugh. I had to peak at it. Maybe it will be down some tomorrow if i stay on plan today. Will see... I can almost guarantee that I'm holding onto at least 4lbs of water weight..hopefully more than that. I'm going to challenge my self to stay on plan today. no more eating after my final snack of the day. I have my calories set at 1600 for the day. I will come on here every day and update my workouts and my ending calorie count for the day. taking one meal at a time. Im not going to worry about tomorrow, or next week. I've got to focus on today and that's it. I will succeed today. ~~later that total ending calorie count for today is exactly 1600. I have a hundred calorie snack planned later but if I'm not hungry im NOT EATING IT. I also got my workout in today....later gators

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