Friday, May 14, 2010

Made it through a day....time for another

Today's weight 177.8 , that's 3lbs down since yesterday. I knew i was holding onto a lot of water weight. Maybe i can lose at least 2more lbs of it...pretty please. What a nice motivator :) ~~~later today~~~~ So, Today was my second interview or shall i say interviews, ugh. I was there 2 & 1/2 hours, I took a typing test, then an assessment test then I was told they had to talk to the medical director(who was one of the interviews i had) and i would know something by Monday...OMG! I'm going to beat my head up against the wall if they don't tell me something here soon. I have NEVER had so many interviews/test in my life!!!! Im not interviewing for president here? WTH? Sigh, another weekend of uncertainly. Now I'm going over everything i said in my mind. Good grief...i don't like all this pressure But on a happy note, I'm making brownies for my kids and could care less about eating any, yay! I felt so good this morning...i feel like im in control again :)

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