Thursday, May 20, 2010

I will Succeed!

I stepped on the scale this morning and I have reached a new high. 183.0. So all the eating is finally catching up with me. I haven't been consistent for quite some time now and this morning my eyes are OPEN WIDE! Im ready to get serious. I REFUSE to gain another lb! I am NOT going to feel sorry for myself or stress eat anymore. Im so sick of whinning to who ever will listen(including my internet friends) about my weight. Yeah, i have NO motivation to workout or eat right...but who doesn't go through that? Im not giving myself that excuse anymore. I have a new Elliptical machine, i can order some new workouts and get myself moving again. Get the scale moving in the right direction...I can close my eyes and imagine how that would feel, that feeling is what will keep me motivated!!!!! Were suppose to go on vacation next week and i WILL stay on plan. I WILL order healthy meals and watch what i eat while there. I WILL bring my mp3 player and get some cardio in. Honestly, im so sick of being chubby...its not fun. Im in a tight size 12 now and im SO SICK OF IT! I know i didn't get to this size over night so it will take time...and i WILL be patient! I WILL Succeed!

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