Friday, May 21, 2010

Holy Crap!

I was working out on the Elliptical yesterday and 22 minutes into it the damn pedal falls off !!!! My husband said he put it together good and tight. Then there was a VERY ANNOYING sounds coming from the back end of it afterwords, so it's going back to the store today or tomorrow. I've already got my eye on another one that cost 100 dollars more and its the same brand as my treadmill so i KNOW it won't fall apart. (golds gym) I really LOVED the burn i was getting from my legs. And today I woke up with DOMS in my calves and glutes...pretty cool. If i can stay on plan with my eating im sure i will lose weight on that body isn't use to it!


  1. Oh man that does suck! I take it you didn't get injured.

    I had to laugh cause it remnided me of a time I went to the gym and was running (pretty fast) and the power went out!!! When the power came back on I was on my back on the floor just chillin (more like trying to catch my breath)..... I was so embarrassed! To this day I get a little uneasy feeling on them (=

  2. LOL, sounds like something i would do! When the pedal fell off the Elliptical I was pissed because i only had 8 more minutes left, ARG!


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