Tuesday, May 11, 2010

good choices are addictive

Let me start by saying TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY. I didn't count calories. I just made healthy choices for my meals, and just continued to watch what i eat all day. I mean, I've been counting calories for so long i kinda already know what i can eat. I drank a lot of water too. After a long conversation with my mom this morning she suggested that i lay off the calorie counting and just 'watch' what i eat.( i didn't do very good last night so i called her and had a cry baby moment...really love my mom for those) So....DH and I were in the living room watching tv this morning and there was an Ihop commercial that came on and of course everything looked delish. They were advertising 'kids eat free' which made it even more luring. So we decided to go for supper. Well, when we got there i noticed they had a 600 and under menu which was SO COOL. I got 2 pancakes, 2 pcs of turkey bacon and egg substitute for 400 calories. YEAH! I topped off the pancakes with sugar free syrup and had lemon water. It felt good to make a good choice. When i got home i walked my Cassie Girl(black lab) for 30minutes. Its true what they say...good choices are addictive ;-)

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