Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Elliptical Workout Today

It took my DH about an hour to put it together. This is the one i got! Its nothing fancy but it gave me a good sweat today. In the first few minutes my legs were burning. I pushed through 30minutes total. I admit I had to take a few 20 seconds breaks. It also took me a second to get a rhythm going and i had to wiggle my toes a few times because they kept going numb. But i enjoyed the challenge and i plan on doing it again tomorrow. After the Elliptical workout i jumped on the treadmill for a 10 minute interval run to reach 300 calories burned... I've really got to get on the ball with my weight training. I use to do upper and lower body splits once a week and one full body once a week(or a circuit). Lately i have been slacking BIG TIME. Just have no motivation to cardio is all i have been getting in. I will get into the groove again here soon. I always go through these episodes to were i don't want to workout or eat right and then my jeans start fitting snug which is motivation for me to get back on the ball, LOL!!!! I really want to get some new workouts...just not sure what to buy? I don't want a lot of high impact but i still want to get my heart rate up. If anyone has any recommendations i would appreciate it. Aerobics or weight training :) Nothing to challenging as far as choreography goes... This one is interesting. Its Bikini Coot Camp by Jeanette Jenkins. It has some good reviews ( according to Collage) its also voted one of the top ten sellers right now. The only thing is that it looks a little cheezy,lol

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  1. Amelia - Here are a few suggestions for workouts:

    Step It Strong (with that boxing lady) - This is a good circuit workout with not alot of dancy moves. It does not feel as hard as Cathe workouts - but the next day I am always sore.

    Mindy workouts: Interval Express, Extreme Intervals & strength express are my favorites. I think mindy isn't very dancy either - but her workouts get the job done!

    Amy Bento - I've got the Power Surge?? and a couple of her other kickbox/high-low workouts. Her's are usually a little more complicated moves wise - but fun!


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