Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fight off food cravings today

Man, really fighting off food cravings today. My mom came over for a visit and brought fried jumbo shrimp, fried potato logs and mac-n-cheese...sigh. I had a diet coke & strawberries. She also brought cupcakes and candy for the kids. REALLY hard to have these in the house when I'm still fresh on plan. In the past, i can remember day four being a hard time for me. For the past 3 days i have religiously counted every calorie that has entered my mouth and even though i miss eating my junk, i feel great & the scale is down 5 lbs. Im going to stay focused damn't!!! I keep telling my self that I can eat some of that stuff when i reach my goal size 8. ok, off to mow the front yard and hopefully clear my mind...

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