Monday, May 03, 2010

Feeling good, Day 3 on plan

Well, i managed to avoid the alcohol last night even with hubby having a drink. I also avoided the sweets and unhealthy foods in the house. Every time i think about eating that crap i think about how its going to make me feel and WHY I'm doing this to begin with, and its working. Im down to 178.8 this morning...that's three lbs down since Saturday, yay. Now ive got to keep going until i feel i can handle a cheat meal(which won't be until at least Saturday, i try to go seven days on plan before I allow those). Were planing on going to the beach towards the end of July. I would love to be in a size 10 by then...that's one of my goals. I also want to be in the 160's by the time the new Twilight Saga movie comes out in two months...i think those are both reasonable goals. Im hoping to hear from the medical job today. I had an interview Thursday. Im still keeping my fingers crossed. It would be perfect if i did get it...the hours are fabulous. 3-12hours shifts, nurses hours. I would LOVE to only work three days a week and still get in a lot of hours. Anyhoot, that's my update!

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