Monday, May 17, 2010

Do I Have Cheetos In My Teeth?

So, yesterday i woke up with the thought of taking it easy on my diet. And BOY did I ! I didn't stuff my face all day long but i certainly had my fill of those evil cheetos that the kids love to eat. You know,its funny but as i was eating them i was wondering exactly WHAT a CHEETO was, lol! I also looked at the nutrition facts and almost gagged.... 160 calores for 13 cheetos. OMG! I put them up immediately(after grabbing another handful)!! I did eat some of my yummy cinnamon graham crackers though... so today is Monday, May 18th. I plan on Doing Cathe's Friedrich's Muscle Max workout...just the Upper Body section. Its tough by itself. I also plan on getting back on plan today with my eats...I also plan on having a DRINK tonight with my hubby so I have to save some calories for that ;-) No word on the job yet. Hoping to hear something about it today.

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  1. I just finished off a bag of baked cheetos last night... I LOL when you wondered what a cheeto actually was. LOL


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