Sunday, April 25, 2010

One day at a time...One meal at a time.

I'm back to taking baby steps. yesterday i got through the day and ended at 1700, thats pretty good considering that i stayed up until 2:30am watching the weather(tornado warnings) and my stomach was growling A lot. The power went out here for about 15minutes and i was debating on going over to my mother-n-laws (the kids where over there asleep and i wanted to sleep in my own bed so i decided to come home) It was kind a scary, as soon as the power went out i realized that i was by a dark house. I'm glad the kids weren't there...they would have been scared. I really need to get some kind of workout in, maybe i will do a weight workout then sounds nice. If i do decide to get a workout in i will update the April workout log... Ive got a challenge later today that i will have deal with. My niece is turning two today and were going to her b-day party. Of course there will be all kinds of goodies there that i won't be aloud to eat. I will be good and have NO CAKE. I know there is going to be pulled pork sandwiches so i will have one sandwich and that's it...try to keep it around 400 cals. I've got to stick to this because if i don't it will just be another attempt and another failure...i'm tired of failing. Im even considering leaving out my cheat meal until i can get completely focused again.

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