Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Littlebit About me/before & after pics

Im starting this blog so i can have somewhere to go to talk about my day,my workouts and my struggles with eating. There is only so much my Husband(DH will call him) can absorb before he starts hearing "and blah,blah,blah..." God love him,LOL.

I officially started my journey back in the summer of 05'. I weighed 278lbs. I can honestly say that i will never weigh that much again. Ive discovered my love of exercise and healthy eating habits. I'm not perfect all the time with my eating. I'm always falling off the wagon( that's why it took me so long to lose my weight, that and those pesky plateau's) but i always get right back on it again. I will also lose my motivation for workouts too...but again, i find a way to get back on that horse too.

September of last year i made up my mind to start losing weight with no 'cheating' on my diet(except for one meal a week to keep my sanity) and i did it...90days of counting calories and exercising was the result of a 23 lb weight loss. I want to repeat that again but the problem is i just can't seem to stay focused on my eating for very long. What can i say? I'm a food addict! I love to eat. I would eat all day long if i could get away with it. My biggest addiction is fast food. But to be honest...if I eat a lot of it I start noticing how it makes me feel,gross & sluggish. So at least i can back off from the crap when i start feeling bad. It makes me want to eat healthy again.(and not to mention get a kick *ss workout in,hehe)So, i guess i have to make a decision here.

Eat healthy/workout=lose weight
eat healthy(sometimes)/workout = maintain my weight

Some Before and After pics

This is a before and after pic. The picture on the left was taken in Easter of 2004,right before i got pregnant with my second child. I was in complete denial of my weight. But i was also miserable and thought about losing weight daily, just wasn't ready to do it.

The picture on the right was taken around July of 2009. I had since lost 23 lbs so i need to update,lol.

This pic was taken in June of 10'. I was kinda proud of that dress because i don't normally wear dresses. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind a gal.

Here is a pic of me with my family. There all my babies(even the Chihuahua, we also have a Lab mix that i will walk a lot) These blessings keep me smiling :) sorry its so small, i can't figure out how to enlarge it without it being out of focus.

My goal weight right now is 150
This is a blog about my Journey to get there.

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