Friday, April 16, 2010

Im up but not at'em

Its 5:30 on a friday morning and im soooo tired. I woke up at 5am so i could get my workout thinking about doing it tonight or maybe just taking a rest will be ok. After all,im working full time now & i always told myself that if i ever worked full time i would drop down my workouts to 5days a week. I wish i would have set my alarm clock later...more sleep would have been nice :/ Work went well yesterday,it was my first day. I can't believe i have my own desk...that's just crazy!! I mainly observed most of the time,today i will get a chance to play on the computer a little bit. Thats when i will start learning, more hands on learning. I wish i could go back to bed,LOL...well, at least today is Friday,yay!

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