Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello muscles

Its been about 7days since ive done an upper body workout and i KNEW i would be sore today(did Cathe Friedrich's power hour/upper body yesterday) but not THIS sore. Man...i wish i would have picked up some ibuprofen yesterday! But you know, in my own little sick way...i enjoy this sore feeling. It's a reminder that i worked my butt off yesterday. I can feel my muscles...feels good! I almost want to whisper when i say this but...*i think i have my motivation back* I did another good workout today, Cathe's 4DS high intensity step(4ds/HIS) and it was a good sweat fest. Man..i just LOVE that women! ok, now its time to tackle the diet. Yesterday i ended the day at 2000,had a bowl of cereal and 2shocks of whiskey before bed, it ain't gonna lie..i was nice;-). Today's planned meals put me at 1610...(thats including the whisky this time,LOL...I know, I know...its not good for me) I plan on getting through the weekend with the same mind set.

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