Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well, its been 12days since starting this challenge and the only thing that Ive manage to accomplish is to get my workouts in (which Ive never had a problem with..its always been the eating part that keeps me from my goals.) Crap! crap,crap,crap... Today's post is called Damn because that's what i feel like saying right now! The past two weeks have really been a disappointment. I just can't seem to stay focused long enough for me to stay consistent with my eating. Lately i have been the queen of excuses.If i want it...I eat it, no thinking about control whats so ever. Ive got to stop this crap before i start doing some serious damage. *sigh* It's time to stop this 'beating myself up' attitude and start thinking positive. Its time to refocus!

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