Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April workouts!

April 30th-Cathe's 4 Day Split High Intesity Step 
April 29th-dogwalk,power hour upper body+abbs, yoga (whoohoo) 
April 28th-dogwalk 
April 27th-4mile hike  
April 26th-rest 
April 25th -rest 
April 24th-rest 
April 23rd - Rest 
April 22nd -94minutes of cardio. All of Imax2 & 40min dog walk 
April 21st - 35 minute dog walk outside  
April 20th - Cathe's Body Max 2 upper body only 
April 19th - The Biggest Loser Cardio Max wks 1-2 level(30mins) 
April 18th - rest 
April 17th - Cathe's Low Impact Circuit/no abbs 
April 16th - Rest 
April 15th - Cathe's LIC step combo's only 
April 14th - Cathe's Muscle Max + 30minute dog walk  
April 13th - 30 minute dogwalk 
April 12th - Dogwalk + Cathe's RS(60mins) 
April 11th - 10 minute solution knockout body 30minutes + Yoga 30mins(60)  
April 10th - Kelly Meyers Athletic Step(35) 
April 9th - Cathe's 4ds/HIS(35) 
April 8th- rest 
April 7th- Cathe's 4ds/LIS + Yoga (65) 
April 6th - rest 
April 5th- dogwalk + 4ds back & biceps (60) 
April 4th- rest,easter 
April 3rd- Cathe's Supersets (70) 
April 2nd - rest
April 1st - Cathe Friedrich's 4ds low impact step (40)

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