Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Interview!!

Today was our Anniversary, its been nine years! We went to our favorite park and hiked almost 5miles and it was awesome! Something else interesting happened today. I got a call from a local medical center requesting an interview tomorrow...HOLY CRAPOLA! Im excited because i asked what the hours were and she said that work on 12 hour shifts...9 to 9 so i would only be working 3day at 12hr shifts! That is awesome. My interview is at 10 tomorrow but i they need me there earlier for some test or something...im so excited. I hope i get it...it would mean great things for us!! The party on sunday went pretty good, i was able to avoid all the higher calorie food. And instead of cake i had coffee! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today is April 28th, I had the interview this morning and it was pretty painless. The interviewer was really down to earth. I think i answered every question fairly good and was confident that i did my best. I was really proud of myself today...I know the last interview i went on i was so nervous my heart was fluttering and i couldn't stop stuttering and unnecessary pausing,LOL but i did get that job so maybe my true personality will shine through on this interview too.. Will see, she is suppose to let my know by monday. FINGERS CROSSED!

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