Thursday, May 21, 2015

Quick Update


Today is day #6 in a row of working and I'm so thankful that I'm off tomorrow, just one more day. Ugh!! Sometimes the schedule falls like that.


This week I have had fast food for supper two nights and only one workout. It's time I got my head back in the game. I guess I just needed a break from it all.

Alright, just a quick update. I've got to get ready for work. =)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust


As the title of today's post suggest, I have indeed lost another pound. YEAHYA BABY! So 13 pounds in 33 days, not too shabby. I knew that # had to be coming. What I don't get is how some women manage to lose almost twice that much in a month? I guess they just literally don't eat. I can't do that, I feel awful when I skip a meal.

Example of my food yesterday
B- Jimmy Dean Delight, coffee
L-Turkey sandwich on ww bread, diet pepsi
s-dark chocolate bar, 2 TBS natural peanut butter (omg, my treat)
S-1 cup hamburger helper, 2 serve & bake rolls, diet pepsi
s-nutrigrain blueberry bar
water- close to 80 ounces

So I guess what I'm pointing out is that I do eat and don't deprive myself of anything. I don't want to gain anything back when I get off this pill. When I reach the 180's I plan on starting strength training again, more muscle means I can eat more. And I also plan on weaning myself slowly off the pill so its not such a shock to my system. But I still have a while for that.

I meant to workout yesterday but I was just too tired after work. So last week I got in 4 days, still good. It was my original goal. Today I will do a 30 minute elliptical workout to start off this weeks workouts. =)

Well, that's all I got this morning, have a lovely day.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday 5/17/15


Its Sunday, May 17th around 5:20 in the morning. I have to cook today at work (boooo) but the good news is that im training a new lady and I'm not cooking on the next schedule. (yaaaayyyy) That's good. Sunday's are usually crazy busy at work so the idea of training somebody today kinda makes me anxious. sigh

Anyways. So I applied at three jobs online yesterday. One is a bank teller, one is medical front office and one I kinda went out on a limb, state trooper dispatcher. (what? I could totally be a dispatcher - and it said "no experience necessary" Well...thats me! haha =)

My counselor is right, putting in applications everywhere is making me feel better. I honestly don't think I will be happy at my current job, even if I was to get a pay raise (which still wouldn't be enough) I don't think it would matter. I feel betrayed, I feel like I was stabbed in the back! I should have been offered that Bakery Manager's position. Not a girl who has zero experience running a bakery? I just keep thinking 'I trained her, I just don't get it?"  And not to mention she left a really good position that was handed to her because she wasn't happy in the bakery anymore.She was out of the bakery with in two weeks . WTF?  Mmmm, that sounds like me about 2 years ago and I wasn't offered a really good position? As a matter of fact, I was offered a transfer, but I had to wait 2 months. .......

Breath in - breath out

LMAO, can you tell I'm still pissed about it? Sorry, sometimes I get myself started and I just can't stop. I hope that last paragraph made sense? teehee

So the scale is still dancing around the same #. I meant to workout yesterday but I decided to sit on my but instead and watch some netflix. Yeah...I discovered Orange is the New Black and I watched like 4 episodes in a row. The kids were swimming then went into my sons room to play...they couldn't watch this show with me..yikes. Tonight is Game of Thrones...can't wait!

ok, have a good Sunday =)

Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's Saturday, Yay!


So far it sunny, but the forecast says rain later. Maybe I can get out and lay in the sun for a while before that happens?

I'm off today - oh the joys of being off from my dreadful job. ;-) I was in a good mood yesterday because of my anticipated day off :-P teehee. Actually, im starting to see a pattern here the day before I'm off I'm a good mood Mmmmm, perhaps that says something about my feelings towards my job?

Well, I better enjoy today because my next day off isn't until Friday. =(

Anyways, I'm at a new weight today. Still 236 but I'm down .2 from my heaviest. I know, Im counting OUNCES *eyeroll* but an ounce gone is an ounce I don't have to see anymore. Perhaps I will see *gasp* 235 soon?  (yes I'm being sarcastic - how I allowed myself to get this heavy is a mystery in it's self)  Honestly seeing 235 will be nice, but I won't get REAL EXCITED until I see 199 ;-) I still have at least 2 1/2 - 3 months until that day comes.
But on the bright side I may be close to my goal weight by Christmas! That's pretty exciting.

Have a good day.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday 5/14/15


I honestly don't know what to name the title of my post? I mean I run out of idea's so I've been just going by the dates.. ?

ok, so I have a few updates:

I overate on purpose the last two days, not too bad..but I wanted to trick my body a little. I'm hoping by next Wednesday or Thursday I will lose a couple of pounds by doing this. It's work in the past like a charm.

I had my second session with my new counselor and really enjoyed it. I felt so much better after I left! We discussed things that had me second guessing myself and once again I was told that I'm too hard on myself. But I also discovered that I'm doing a lot of things right too.
It's going to take some time but I'm slowly learning more and more about myself and that's why I LOVE going to talk to him. He's awesome!

After the session I went on over to a very well known grocery store ( ranks 3rd in the country) and put in a application there. I'm crossing my fingers that karma will lean in my favor on that decision.

Well, that's all for now. Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday 5/12/15


Just one more day and I'm off!! woohoo!! I have a doctors visit today after work and later on in the evening my little girl will be in a band concert. Sometime today I have to get in a 30 minute workout. Perhaps right after work I can squeeze one in then hop in the shower? Will see.

Tomorrow is my second session with my new counselor. I'm pretty excited about that, he was really nice the last time I spoke to him. And did I mention that my insurance is covering my sessions 100%?  I'm a little confused about this but I guess I qualify or pass one of the many rules they have.

Anyways. I will be back tomorrow with any update on my doctors visit today.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday's Ramblings


Its 5:30 on a Monday morning. I wish I didn't have to work today - but that's life! My next day off is Wednesday and I'm counting down the hours. My job is so boring!
sigh, to go back in time and make different decisions about previous jobs would be priceless. There are a few jobs I wish I never quit - there is no telling where I would be right now.

Oh well, like I said earlier, that's life. You can't dwell on your mistakes...just try not to make anymore. ( at least that's what I tell myself)

So I hit a new weight this morning =) !! Down another pound, thats 12 pounds is 22 days. yay!! I go back to the doctor tomorrow for a refill and a weigh in. I'm curious to see what their scales will read.
So far the appetite suppressant is working fine. I still have to do a lot of the work, I have to watch what I eat and exercise, the pill just kinda makes all that a little easier I guess.

I had a wonderful Mother's day yesterday! When I got off work I came home to a flower bed made by my kids with a banner hanging above it saying "happy mothers day" and then I got two hand-made cards. I was so happy to see it. They really surprised me this year =) I love my babies <3 p="">
Well, that's all I got this morning. Have a great day everyone!