Wednesday, July 30, 2014

End of July Check-In

Good Morning,

I wanted to start off saying that my brothers ex-rays and head scans came back good, there was cancer showing only in his cheek. He's having surgery next Thursday to get it removed and we'll go from there. I was so relieved to hear this news, I know he isn't out of the woods yet but at least we know where we stand.

I stated on my last post that I was counting calories again and I did - for that one day, then I went back to just eating my 5 small meals a day. Its been going great too. I haven't weighed but I can tell in my body that im getting toned and leaning out.
I also started focusing on my power walking. I purchased 4 Leslie Sansone dvd's ( already have 4 of hers) to get motivated. I printed out a calender and started marking my walks on there and it's working!! I'm motivated!!  I walked 6 days straight last week. I walk for 30 minutes and thats all the commitment I'm allowing myself right now. After working in the Deli and running around for 8 hours, a 30 minute power walk is perfect.
One of the dvd's I purchased was called Walk it off in 30 days, it has a 30 minute power walk and a 30 minute strength training session...its fabulous! I'm so glad I found another instructor to motivate me =)
Of course Cathe will always be my favorite but I had a hard time keeping up with her workouts at my weight, perhaps when I get a little lighter I will pick her dvd's back up.

I can't believe my kids are going back to school next week. There summer seems so short? There school clothes and supplies are bought and they're ready.

Work News
So as you all know I work in a Deli, November will be a year since I started in the department. I don't miss the Bakery at all - however I do get the itch to decorate cakes every now and then. I got Full-time June 15th so there for my raise won't be until 2015 June,15th. I think that sucks!! I'm going to ask my store manager for a raise in November...I deserve it! I'm still liking it...I really like my-coworkers, a lot nicer then the ones in the bakery.

ok. Thats my update. Oh, and  I was thinking yesterday about the name of my blog. I know this is a weight loss blog but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of weight loss going, nor am I really focused on it anymore. I'm more focused on living a healthy lifestyle. So I may be changing the name soon. Perhaps something like "Amy's Lifestyle Change" . IDK


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Middle of July 14' Check In


The weather is cloudy and muggy here in Ga. I may get out and work in the yards later...we got some mulch to put out. I bought some really pretty rudbeckia flowers, but we call them black-eyed Susan's here in the south. I love them!!

This past week has been emotionally hard. I was told that my youngest brother has mouth cancer. He went to get some teeth pulled and the oral surgeon noticed a knot in his cheek, they went ahead and did a biopsy on it and it came back cancerous. He had some scans and x-rays done Thursday and now we're waiting to hear the results of those. I just pray its no where else in his body. My brother has already been through enough, he suffers from schizophrenia and will never have a 'normal' life.
I don't understand life and how things work sometimes? It doesn't seem fair?

In Other News
I went against my word that I would never count calories again after stepping on the scale last week. Im up 5lbs! So I started back to MFP (sigh) again Friday. Friday was great, yesterday not so much. I deliberately sabotaged myself when I bought a container of nutella and graham crackers, I sat and ate almost half of the container while watching Greys' Anatomy =(  This was the reason I quit counting calories in the first place. I'm so rebellious.

Will this behavior ever end? Will I always battle with myself like this about my weight? Im tired of it. I feel so out of control. I don't want to throw in the towel, nor will I ever. I just gotta find what will work.

I only got in two 3 mile walks this week which isn't good. All this week I would come home and get my PJ's on then park my butt in front of the television. This isn't healthy behavior, I know I've got to stop this. My husband told me to join a gym, not the one I joined last year but a bigger one thats about 10 minutes away. They offer classes and have great reviews..I may just do that. Im tired of being tired. Perhaps it will give me that healthy boost I need? I will let you know if I do...

Work is good. I'm really liking my new schedule now. I know I go in at 6:30 everyday then get off at 3. Its nice to have a 'sorta' set schedule. I just wish I didn't have to work around all that food. Some days I could care less but this whole past week I have been nibbling.  This behavior has to stop too.

Monday, July 07, 2014

7/7/14 update

Happy Monday =)

Im off today, thankgoodness!! This past weekend kicked my butt.

So on my last post I stated that I will be cutting out fried foods ( getting better)  eat 5/6 small meals a day ( did happen) drink protein powder ( did happen) and cut back on sugar ( getting better) and of course there's my workouts ( only one workout this past week - I was such a slacker).

Today is a fresh new week. I have been really thinking about a new workout schedule and how to plan ahead for my meals. Its going to take a great deal of motivation, will power and butt kicking but I know I have it in me. So here's my plan that's starting today.

1) buying a calender so I can schedule my workouts around my weekly work schedule.

2) doing my cardio workouts before work ( and making sure I lay out my clothes the night before)

3) Planning and prepping my food for easy grab and go HEALTHY and CLEAN meals.

4) NO SNACKING AT WORK!! If you've ever worked around food then I'm sure you understand why this has to be a rule.

I plan on buying single portions of veggies for lunch at work and some v8 juice ( better than no veggies at all). I can do this...I have done this....I will do this again!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Weigh In Update

Good Morning, I gotta get ready for work but wanted to share my good news. YUP, good news. I decided to go ahead and step on the scale and im only up 1lb!!!!!!! Im so happy with that #. I wasn't really trying to lose weight this month, I mean I wanted too but I wasn't counting calories and I did eat pretty much what I wanted so im VERY happy with my results for June.

July I plan on kicking it up a notch. I'm going to cut back on fried foods, increase my protein and try to eat 5/6 small meals a day, and of course keep my workouts going.

ok.. gotta run :-)

Oh and I will get my hubby to measure me tomorrow

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24th Update

Good Morning,

Im not too tired this morning thanks to a 2 hour nap I took after work yesterday. LOL. yes...2 hours. I woke up thinking it was 30 minutes later! Thats when you know your sleeping hard and your body needed it.

I also went for a 36 minute power walk in the evening followed by some swimming, I was so hot and that water felt so good =)

Today will prob be the Total Gym after work. I did a Cathe circuit the other day, Afterburn ( for those not familiar with Cathe's workouts its low impact but very high intensity 44 min workout) and yesterday my knee's were killing me. Thats why I like the Total impact at all on my joints. But I can't do TG's too boring.

I am proud to say that I have yet to step on the scale and its such an empowering feeling. I'm going to at the end of the month, just too see where I'm at. If I have maintained my 10lb weight loss I will be thrilled, but if I've gained some I will have to take a different approach. I'm definitely NOT counting calories. But I may do 6 small meals a day, cut out my fried foods completely and increase my protein. Actually I already increased my some powder the other day and it helps with hunger. I would like to lose another 10 lbs by the end of the year.

Work Drama
So Friday morning the Store Manager ( Quick review :::I work at a local grocery store in the deli, I used to be the assistant bakery manager - long story on why that didn't work out) So he approaches me about being the Bakery Manager again. This time he talks $ and I like the #'s he throwing my way. The way I look at is - yeah, its a hard job but what I do now is also hard, I'm sweating everyday & overwhelmed. Over in the bakery I will be getting more money AND I will be the BOSS. Sounds pretty good to me.
The only thing I don't like is who he said would be my assistant. Now I can pretty much get along with anybody..but this women pushes peoples buttons. She's was always a pain in my ass when I was the assistant. we just don't get along. She has a bad attitude...really bad. And he already promised another girl about the assistant job? What if that girl quits? She's the bread baker....I would be screwed.

IDK, I haven't even accepted the job yet and I'm alreay brain storming.

ok...enough rambling. Have a good day.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Morning Jabbering


I've got a few minutes to chat before work.

For the last three days I have been power walking since my knee's and feet have been aching so bad lately. Its got to be all those more intense workouts I've been doing. But I didn't do any high intensity..I kept it low impact - but still got pains. Oh well, I will power walk until I can do it again.

I plan on pulling out the total gym after work today since I have yet to do a weight workout this week. oy...
The total gym is low impact, well its practically zero impact and I need to start using it again.

Eating has been good, not perfect...but good. I'm not going to stress over it. Two days ago I decided to cut back on my sugar intake since I seem to go on a sweet binge when I eat the stuff. I'm eating more fruit instead. I'm doing pretty good. We went to a buffet yesterday for supper and I had a big salad and just a small plate of grilled chicken and veggies. I skipped dessert and that was a im pretty proud this morning.

ok...gotta go to work. I'm off tomorrow and can't wait to sleep in =)

Sunday, June 15, 2014



This is a painting I made for my mom's birthday on June, 1st. I almost kept it...LOL. She really liked it though and i was glad.

Today is my TGIF and it will be nice to get off work, get my workout done then relax by the pool. I can't wait!! Today is also my 8th day in a row of working. Im pretty tired but not totally wiped, I'm eating pretty good so that helps. I also plan on stopping by my dads for his Father's Day gift.

 I also can't wait until Wednesday because we're headed to Six Flags!! We got season tickets last week, Yay!! Six Flags is doing monthly payments now so its easier to pay for us poor folks.

Yesterday at work I was told that I will be full-time in a few weeks so that's exciting. That's more money for us :) Hopefully it will kick in before July 4th so I can get that holiday.

So... I've been getting in my workouts regularly this month. At least 4 a week. Not real strict on my eating but I do eat light through-out the day until supper then I do portion control. I still do the mental calorie check and I'm in the range of weight loss on most days, its a very small deficit but its there.
I have not peeked or even thought about the scale all month and I am loving it!! No stress, no binge eating...I feel as if I've been released from a burden. Lets just hope I didn't gain any weight this month so I can keep doing this :)